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Hi, my name is Gary, and I want to help everyone learn how to create model railways.

I run a YouTube livestream on Sunday nights 9PM UK Time, teaching various methods for building model railway items. Kit building, scratch building, RTR detailing, and layout building will all be covered, along with other topics you might want to see. If you have anything you want to see, or any questions then please drop me a line.

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Tender for the Mid-Victorian Loco

Posted Wed 21 Oct 2020

It's time to start some actual modelling for the Generic Mid-Victorian goods loco!!

We are starting with the tender, it's a nice simple conversion, because for the most part we will be using the Caley tender as is, however there will be a degree of alterations, with the coal space removed, and a hole cut in the front to allow the fireman access to it, the hole in the front was cut by chain drilling around the edge, and then filing to shape.

Cutting up the Tender

With that ...Read More